Chris Janzen Ensemble(s)

Dinner, 2008-2011

Sound Paintings, 2007

Big Fun, 2004-2005


Big Fun

A band which performed arrangements of Miles Davis' 1960s-1970s electric period

Live at the Spartan, 2004:
Matt Esau - drums, Ben Voth - trumpet, Jeff Janzen - bass, Chris Janzen - guitar

Big Fun
The RTV Lab Sessions, 2004

Matt Esau: drums
Chris Janzen: guitar, arrangments (except Interludes II, III, and IV)
Jeff Janzen: bass
Ben Voth: trumpet

1. Trevere (Davis)
2. Moja/Nne (Davis)
3. Interlude I (C. Janzen)
4. Black Satin (Davis)
5. Interlude II (J. Janzen)
6. It's About That Time (Davis)
7. Interlude III (Esau)
8. Directions (Zawinul)
9. Interlude IV (Voth)
10. Tatu (Davis)
11. Agharta (Davis)
12. Interlude V (C. Janzen)
13. Mtume (Davis)

(Soon to be available for download...)