Chris Janzen Ensemble(s)

Dinner, 2008-2011

Sound Paintings, 2007

Big Fun, 2004-2005


Sound Paintings

A project in which multiple layers of instrumentation were improvised, recorded, manipulated, and mixed-down in a manner similar to my painting process.
These later became the foundation for Dinner.

Chris Janzen
16 Sound Paintings, 2007

Chris Janzen: guitar, guitar synthesizer, keyboard, sampler, acoustic bass

1. Welcome to Hello
2. Stop Groove
3. Descent Chimes
4. Two Part Conversion
5. Ceremonial Exit Dance
6. Robin Sleeping
7. Pop Muse or 80 Hits
8. Small Journey
9. Buster or Bust
10. Desert Cycle
11. Confusion then Madness
12. Somber Conversation with Conclusion
13. Soundtrack to a Moment of Indecision
14. Mike Lives Underwater
15. Somewhat Etherial Picnic
16. Sub Cycle

(Soon to be available for download...)